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Contrary to popular belief, the Avalon weather is not always 72 and sunny.  Learn all about the best weather seasons to visit this California gem.

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Best Avalon Weather Seasons

Catalina weather is generally consistent throughout the year with highs in the 60s and 70s but can reach the 90s and lower 100s during Southern California's Santa Ana wind events.

If you are a sun person, the best time to visit Catalina is July through October. The days are usually clear, sunny and the ocean water remains warm with light winds.  Starting in September there are fewer visitors than the summer months, making this my favorite time to visit this Southern California gem.

Hint! - I would not recommend May or June as the night and morning low clouds, that often plaque Southern California cities, often time do not burn off all day plus they produce a light mist or drizzle making a beach visit fairly miserable.  However, if you enjoy clouds with little sunshine, this is your time to visit.

There will be a good number of days where the highs are in the 80s and these usually occur in the late fall or winter months as Santa Ana winds blow from the desert, heating the coastal cities.

The very unusual record high and low was 111 in 1955 and 21 in 2007, respectively.


Catalina average high and low temperatures by monthMonthly Average Temperatures

Consistent with the rest of Southern California, the rainiest months are December, January, February and March with some showers in November and April.  While infrequent, there also can be an occasional thunderstorm in July, August or September as cumulus clouds build in the desert and push their way up and over the Los Angeles mountains to the coastal cities and offshore islands.

There can also be 1 to 2 weeks of uncomfortable humidity levels, usually in the summer months, due to the thunderstorms and combined proximity to the Pacific Ocean.


Catalina's average monthly rainfallMonthly Average Rainfall

Ocean Temperature

As compared to many tropical destinations, the water around Catalina island is generally cold, however, it is very clear.  Sometimes in late summer, water temperatures can rise into the low to mid 70s, but this doesn't usually last long.  Winters see the ocean temperature dropping into the mid 50s and sometimes even the low 50s.

Catalina's ocean water temperature by monthMonthly Average Ocean Temperature
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