Bahamas Weather

The latest Bahamas weather, current conditions, monthly temperature, rainfall and ocean averages plus details on the best weather seasons.

Current Conditions and Forecast


Satellite Loop

Current Bahamas satellite loop

Best Seasons

The best time to visit is between November and April.  This is also the time of the year that receives the least amount of rainfall.  My favorite time of the year to visit is February.  As with most Caribbean locations, the weather forecast is often pessimistic and difficult to accurately predict.  Showers can come and go in just minutes giving way to beautiful and warm sunshine.

Bahamas Weather
Temperature by Month

The weather in Nassau Bahamas is warm for most the year, but because of its proximity to southern Florida, it can be influenced by cold weather moving down the east coast during the winter months that can drop daytime highs into the 60s.

Nassau Bahamas average monthly low and high temperaturesNassau Average Low and High Temperatures

The rainy season coincides with hurricane season with hot, humid and wet conditions throughout the summer and early fall. The most rain usually occurs in June but July and August will still see lots of storms. However, there are many summer days that have great weather, even with the warm temperatures.  Winter and spring months have little rain, usually around two inches per month, just enough to cool things off and keep the plants green.

Rainfall by Month

Nassau Bahamas average monthly rainfall amountsNassau Average Rainfall

Ocean Temperature by Month

The ocean water temperature in Nassau is always warm, seldom dipping below 80 degrees.  It stays pretty consistent throughout the year with averages in the low 80s.

Nassau Bahamas average monthly ocean water temperatureNassau Average Water Temperature


Hurricane season starts in June and continues through November.  Even if not in the direct path, hurricanes can still have a significant impact on the Nassau weather.

On average since 1900, the Bahamas get hit by a major hurricane once every 14 years.  However, since 2000 there have been 5, Michelle 2001, Francis 2004, Jeanne 2004, Wilma 2005 and Sandy in 2012.

The longest period that the Bahamas have experienced without a major hurricane was from 1932 to 1960, 28 years.  The most hurricanes in one year was in 1926 and 2004, with 2 direct hits each year.

The Bahamas are often influenced with increased humidity, rain, thunder, lightning and wind when other hurricanes move through the hurricane highway of the Caribbean.

If you want to avoid hurricane season, visit between December and April.

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