About Me

I have been very fortunate in my career to have traveled to many different locations throughout the world.  In doing so, I have experienced various cultures, lifestyles and beautiful places that I wanted to return to and learn more about.

Soaking up the sun on a beautiful Maui October day

As with anything that you do the first time, you make some really good choices (probably more luck than anything) and some really bad choices.  Most of us have limited vacation time and trips are usually about 7 to 10 days in duration, repeated a few times a year.

I found it very important to make good selections in all my vacation activities because every single day of my vacation was sacred to me.  It doesn't take too many bad experiences, whether it be a disappointing, expensive dinner, or a tour gone bad, to ruin what you think is the perfect getaway.

Over time, my personal preference for relaxing vacations became warm weather beach locations throughout the world.  This included places that I could visit in the winter and still soak up the warm sunshine.  It was a spring jump start for me.

Cancun's Westin Lagunamar pool bar with the girls

After several trips to the same destination, combined with some new adventures, I decided to create this website to share the firsthand information that I have learned, along with hints and tips to make your vacation the best beach vacation.

My wife Mary and good friend Hashi atop Mt Haleakala in Maui

This is not an all inclusive list of every great beach vacation destination.  There are plenty of places that I will never make it to.  Instead it is an in depth review of the places that I have enjoyed over repeated visits.

Hopefully you will find the information contained within to be useful and align well with your vacation plans.

This site will continue to grow as I visit new places.

Enjoy !

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