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Your guide to the best Cancun food from the top restaurants starts here, all from firsthand experience and each visited several times over the years.

Being seated at Puerto Madero just as the sun is settingSunset Dining at Puerto Madero

I have reviewed and listed only the best of the best to ensure that your dining experience is a memorable one.  All the restaurants in our Cancun food guide are fantastic places to eat.   Editor's choice for the best  for the money is Hacienda Sisal and overall best dining experience (food and service) is Puerto Madero.  If you like lobster, you will not find any place better than Lorenzillos.

$$$: $25-60 USD   $$: $15-35 USD  $: $15-25 USD per entree

Puerto Madero
Editor's choice for Best Cancun Food and Service

$$$ - In my opinion, the best Cancun food experience can be found at at Puerto Madero.  I visit each time I am in Cancun, no exceptions. Plus, it is the first restaurant that I go to. In other words, I can't wait to get there.

Puerto Madero's great service with a display of tasty offeringsTop Notch Puerto Madero Service

Puerto Madero is located in the Zona Hotelera (Hotel Zone) and features Argentine cuisine that includes a wide variety of high quality dishes of grilled meats, fish and lobster.  From start to finish, our Puerto Madero dining experience usually lasts about 3 hours. The service is the best that you will find anywhere. You will be served by multiple waiters simultaneously. There is a great selection of Argentine beef usually in the 14 ounce range per portion plus selections of Kobe beef from Japan. Their seafood menu is second to none and the Ahi Tuna and Lobster have become two of my favorite dishes.

Puerto Madero also has a great outdoor seating area that has a beautiful view over the lagoon, perfect for that sunset dinner.

Shown below is the Octopus salad.  Very tender, large pieces of octopus with fresh avocados, onions and tomatoes in a wonderful vinaigrette dressing.  This is almost a meal by itself.

Puerto Madero's Octopus saladOctopus Salad

The Mayan Lobster and Filet is amazing.  A large caribbean lobster along with a baseball Argentina filet mignon makes this one of my favorites.

Lobster and filet mignon at Puerto MaderoLobster and Filet Mignon

My wife's favorite, the Chilean Sea Bass, cooked to perfection.

The melt in you mouth, Chilean Sea Bass at Puerto MaderoChilean Sea Bass

Puerto Madero also has a great wine selection, specializing in fine wines from Argentina.

At the end of your meal, don't forget the Mayan coffee and crepes. They both are prepared table side and not only is a great show, but it taste wonderful too.

Puerto Madero Crepes prepared tablesideCrepes

This is an expensive place to eat with entrees in the $25 to $60 range. Add in a nice bottle of wine and an appetizer and your bill including tip will most likely be around $250 for two people. However, it is worth every penny and seeing that you don't get there very often, it is a must visit.

La Hibichuela Sunset

$$$ - Also located in the Zona Hotelera (Hotel Zone) is another of my favorite places for tasty Cancun food, La Hibichuela Sunset. There is also a La Hibichuela in downtown Cancun, but the Sunset location has the sunset view as the name implies.

La Hibichuela's design is colorful and bright and has been designed as a Mayan ruin. There is also a very nice outdoor patio section. Plan on reservations about 30 minutes before sunset, usually between 6 and 7pm depending on the time of the year.

The restaurant serves Mayan influenced recipes and focuses on quality seafood meat and poultry. Prices range from $25 to $50 USD (350 to 600 pesos).

The Mayan lobster, shown below, is my favorite.

La Hibichuela's delicious Mayan LobsterMayan Lobster

Plus here is one of a fantastic shrimp entrees.

Coconut shrimp at La HibichuelaCoconut Shrimp and Plantains

Reservations are recommended, especially around sunset.

Hacienda Sisal
Editor's choice for best Cancun food value

Entrance to Hacienda SisalHacienda Sisal - Great Dining Value

$$ - Another great restaurant for authentic Mexican and Mayan cuisine, with a very nice meat and seafood selection, is Hacienda Sisal. Located in the heart of the Hotel Zone, Hacienda Sisal offers large portions, great service and mouth watering entrees and deserts.

The majority of our group of 8 started out our evening with the legendary and huge, Hacienda Sisal Margarita.  Served in an extra large Mexican, hand blown glass with traditional blue trim, this margarita is made with all natural ingredients and no shortage of tequila. Yum, yum - this is one of the best drinks of all the Cancun Mexico restaurants and is definitely my favorite.

The Hacienda Sisal margaritaBig and Tasty Margarita

I had a very hard time in narrowing down the entree selection because there were so many great menu choices plus I was constantly seeing food pass me by on the way to adjacent tables.

Hacienda Sisal home page

Shown below are the Chicken Flautas - two fried flour tortillas with a chicken filling, served with rice, home made guacamole, sour cream, avocado and roasted chili sauce.

Hacienda Sisal's chicken flautasChicken Flautas

Fred's House Seafood Market and Grill

$$$ - Another top restaurant for fantastic Cancun food is Fred's House, located in the Hotel Zone across from the Marriott. Fred's specializes in prime seafood. The crabs legs and lobsters are very good. There is also a small selection of prime cut beef.

Similar to Puerto Madero and La Hibichuela, Fred's has a great sunset view overlooking the lagoon. There are outdoor cabanas available but most people who eat at the cabanas also smoke. The service is also very good but not in the same class as Puerto Madero.

Fred's seafood gumboSeafood Gumbo

Two of my favorite dishes are the seafood soup (shown above) and the grilled seafood platter with crab, lobster, shrimp, scallops and octopus (shown below).

Fred's seafood platterSeafood Platter

My wife and I had the stuffed grouper, a hearty portion of locally caught fresh grouper stuffed with lobster, shrimp and scallops.  This entree is served with rice with sauteed asparagus and beans.

Fred's lobster, shrimp and scallop stuffed GrouperStuffed Grouper

Fred's is expensive with most entrees between $20 and $60 USD. Reservations are recommended. We had a very enjoyable dinner and I highly recommend Fred's House Seafood Market and Grill.

Hacienda El Mortero

$ - For great authentic Cancun dining, Hacienda El Mortero is the place. Located in the Hotel Zone towards downtown, this Cancun restaurant gets my vote for best atmosphere. Hacienda El Mortero offers traditional cuisine at a very reasonable price in a very colorful setting.

Hacienda El MorteroHacienda El Mortero

Pictured below is the Grouper Vera Cruz:

Hacienda El Mortero's grouper vera cruzGrouper Vera Cruz

The dining area is bright and clean, and the servers are extremely attentive and friendly. The Mariachi band is the best.

Try the El Mortero house Margarita, the biggest and strongest that I have ever had. and don't forget the Mayan coffee with melted vanilla bean ice cream added !

Hacienda El Mortero's extra large margaritaHacienda El Mortero House Margarita

After dinner, don't forget the Mayan coffee along with the table side preparation this great drink.

Hacienda El Mortero's mayan coffeeMayan Coffee Made Table Side

This is a restaurant that can easily be overlooked. I can't tell you how many times I have driven by but did not notice it until somebody suggested that we try it.

La Capilla

$$$ - Located inside the beautiful Marriott CasaMagna resort in Cancun's hotel zone is La Capilla, an Argentine steak house.  The dining area has spectacular views of the Caribbean and pool area with floor to ceiling windows that let's lots of diffused light in. Even though the view is great, this is not a sunset dinner restaurant but still worth the visit. 

La Capilla Argentine Steak House at Marriott's Casa MagnaThe Marriott Casa Magna

Overall I would rate La Capilla as very good.  The food was extremely well prepared and service was exceptional.  The restaurant is relatively quiet with great views of the Caribbean and adjacent pool area.  I ordered the beef ribeye, medium rare, and the steak was prepared to perfection and was exceptional in size, tenderness and taste.

La Capilla's Ribeye at the Marriott Casa MagnaLa Capilla Ribeye

My wife ordered the Chilean Sea Bass which was also prepared to perfection, translucent and very tender.  The only downside was that the fish proportion was very small, advertised to be 6 ounces but seemed to be much smaller.  The side dishes were fantastic.

With a nice, moderately pricing bottle of wine and bottled water, our total price, excluding tip was just over $100 USD.  This was a nice surprise and a result of a strong US dollar against the Mexican Peso at an exchange rate of about 19 to 1.

La Capilla's Chilean sea bass at the Marriott CasamagnaLa Capilla Chilean Sea Bass


$$$ - If you like lobster then Lorenzillo's is the place for you.  From broiled, steamed, fried, cajun and grilled, Lorenzillo's has it all, fresh from the pen.  Just add one of their fabulous cilantro, butter or garlic dips and you will have one of the best meals of your life.  Lorenzillo's is located on the lagoon side in the Hotel Zone and offers a fabulous view of Cancun and the surrounding area.  In addition to lobster, they offer Seabass, Yellowfin Tuna, Salmon and Grouper.

For lobster, Lorenzillo's offers the best of all the Cancun Mexico restaurants.  Large portions, great choice of sauces and a fantastic view.

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