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Cancun Trips for the Entire Family

Cancun Guide

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Our Cancun trips are something that we always look forward to every year.  Spectacular beach resorts line the coast for more than 50 miles south past Playa del Carmen to Tulum. The white beaches are almost like talcum powder and the turquoise blue water is 80+ degrees all year.

Whether you like to lounge at the pool, visit the Mayan ruins or enjoy some of the best outdoor adventure parks in the world, Cancun has it all and at a fraction of the cost of comparable vacations in Hawaii or the eastern Caribbean.

Cancun Trips - The Best Times to Visit

Cancun is located on the northeastern tip of the Yucatan Peninsula, at the junction of the Gulf of Mexico and the western Caribbean.  It perilous location makes this popular resort town very susceptible to hurricanes.  The tropical climate is often hard to predict and weather forecasts will often be pessimistic, with the actual weather turning out to be much better than expected.  Heat, humidity, wind and the amount of rainfall vary greatly throughout the year and there are definitely better times to visit than others. 

Cancun's turquoise and calm Caribbean on a warm December dayCalm Caribbean in Cancun's Hotel Zone

Plan your Cancun trip using our weather page.  It has details on current conditions, 7 day forecast, live satellite loop plus monthly high/low air temperatures, water temperature and rainfall  amounts plus some interesting information on major hurricanes that have hit the area.

Weather in Cancun

Resorts and Hotels
Cancun Trips - The Best Places to Stay

Cancun offers some of the most affordable, high end, gorgeous resorts in the world.  Most are located directly on beautiful white sand beaches. 

View from the Westin Hotel looking northBeautiful Beach Resorts Line the Hotel Zone

You can be close to downtown Cancun, in the Hotel Zone, with lots of activity or stay on one of the two nearby islands, Isla Mujeres or Cozumel, for a more laid back setting.  Whatever your choice, Cancun and the surrounding towns, have something for everybody.

View Resorts and Hotels

Day Trips
Fun Things to do for the Entire Family

There are fun adventures for the entire family with lots to do and see during your Cancun trip.  There are all inclusive day parks that offer zip lines, snorkeling, rafting, swimming the dolphins, underground exploration, cenotes and more.  All are within easy driving distance from downtown on a main highway that is in very good condition.

Xplor underground river swimXplor River Swim

The best adventure parks are Xel-Ha, Xplor and Xcaret.  With a few exceptions, all offer a one time charge that includes all you can drink (alcohol included), food, soda and activities.  

You are also very close to the Mayan ruins of Chichen Itza, Coba and Tulum, each very unique in their own way.  Chichen Itza is in the middle of the Yucatan Peninsula jungle, Coba is slightly inland and Tulum overlooks the beautiful Caribbean. 

Fun Things to do in Cancun

Cancun Trips - The Best Places to Eat

Cancun has some of the best food in the world that includes mouth watering fresh seafood and angus steaks.  Many restaurants import prime grade beef from Argentina.

La Hibichuela's mayan lobster with grilled peppers, tomatoes and plantainsLa Hibichuela's Mayan Lobster

Since the Hotel Zone runs north and south, with the Caribbean to the east and a lagoon to the west, there is no bad view during dinner, with the lagoon side being the best for a beautiful sunset dining experience. 

Reservations are recommended if dining near sunset as this is the most popular time.  Most restaurants like Puerto Madero, Fred's and La Hibichuela have taken advantage of the beautiful sunsets by offering window or outdoor seating.

The Best Cancun Restaurants

Take a Live Look

Visit one of our popular Cancun live cams for a view of current weather and beach conditions from several locations on the Yucatan peninsula, nearby Cozumel and Isla Mujeres.

Live Cancun Webcams


We have put together two interactive Googlemaps that show the location of restaurants, resorts and activities contained within this website.  The first map is of the Hotel Zone and the second map is of the entire Yucatan Peninsula.  This will give you a good idea of the locations with respect to where you plan to, or are, staying.

Cancun Maps

Getting to Cancun

Cancun has a beautiful international airport with many direct flight from major cities both in the United States and other countries and is about two hour flight from Dallas and Houston, Texas.

There are two terminals, one for international arrivals and the other for domestic.  To avoid crowds, the best terminal to arrive at is the domestic terminal.  To do this you will have to originate your flight from another city in Mexico such a Tijuana or Mexico City.  I would not recommend Mexico City.

Personally, from the US, I always start my Cancun trips from Tijuana.  It is very close  to San Diego and has an airport entrance from the US side via the CBX terminal.  The Tijuana airport is small and modern.  You go through Immigration in Tijuana so that when you land in Cancun, you can easily exit the airport without dealing with Customs and Immigration on a much larger and more crowded scale.

Hint! - If you do depart from outside of Mexico, during your flight, you will receive a Customs and Immigration declaration form. It is quite common for the airlines to run out of the form, or at least the ones printed in English. Get one from the boarding area and complete it prior to boarding the flight.

View of the international terminal in CancunCancun's International Airport

Once on the ground, you will be required to go through Mexican Immigration and Customs. You will need a passport and your completed declaration form. IMPORTANT! - The Immigration Agent will give you back the lower portion of your declaration form.  You must keep this with your passport as you will need it to leave the country.  If you lose it, it will cost you $40 USD to replace and it will also require some processing time.

Another great resource for information on Cancun is available on Tripadvisor.

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