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Key West is the southernmost city in the continental United States and is at the very end of highway 1 in the Florida Keys.  The island is only about 4 square miles and most of it is just inches or a few feet above sea level.  The highest elevation is just under 20 feet.


Key West has some fantastic restaurants.  Most are local and somewhat hidden.  There are few, if any, restaurants that are part of a large chain.  This makes the food very special and unique.  Our restaurant page has firsthand reviews of my favorite places to eat.

Delicious seared ahi salad
The Best Key West Restaurants


Key West weather is divided into two distinct seasons, 1) beautiful and comfortable and 2) rainy, humid and hot.  Learn about the best weather seasons to visit.  Also, Key West is located at the tip of Florida and therefore is susceptible to Hurricanes.  We have included information of the worse hurricanes to hit the Key West area.  Check our seasonal averages, real time satellite and the best weather seasons to visit.

Storm clouds form south of Key West
Weather in Key West


Check out one of these webcams for a live streaming view of Key West

View Key West Webcams

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