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Real time Miami weather forecast, current conditions, monthly averages temperatures, rainfall and ocean temperature, plus details on the best weather seasons to plan your next vacation.

Current Conditions and Forecast


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Current Miami satellite loop

Best Time to Visit

The weather in Miami has two main seasons, really nice and really hot and humid.  The best weather starts in October and lasts through April and there is no better place to be if you love the beach.  May through September can have some really nice weather days but generally it is very hot and humid with thunderstorms, lots of rain and an occasional hurricane.

Miami Weather
Temperature by Month

The winter months of December, January and February can see days in the 50/60s and night time lows in the 30s as cold weather pushes down form northern Atlantic storms.  This type of weather is usually brief with pleasant temperatures returning quickly.

Miami Florida average temperature by month.Average High and Low Temperatures

Rainfall by Month

I have visited Miami several times during all seasons with October thru February being my favorite months.  February is cooler with less rain than October but I like the warmth of the fall season in Florida, even if it means more rain.

Miami Florida average rainfall by monthAverage Rainfall

Ocean Temperature by Month

Miami and South Beach have some of the warmest water in the world, rarely getting below 70 degrees and often times approaching 90.

Miami Florida average water temperature by monthAverage Water Temperature


Hurricane season in Miami starts in June and last until November. On rare occasions a storm could impact southern Florida in early December. On average, Miami get affected by a hurricane every two years, either by a direct hit, a glancing blow or brushed by the remnants of a tropical storm.  60% of the storms are hurricanes while 40% are tropical storms.

Over the last century, Miami has only had a direct hit four times, 1926, 1929, 1945 and 1992 with the later being hurricane Andrew.

Andrew was a category 5 hurricane but was a very compact storm with the inner eye wall only 25 miles in diameter which limited it's massive destruction to the center's path.

Weather forecasters claim that if a major class 4 or 5 hurricane were to hit Miami, it could result in upwards of $250 million in damages.

A major hurricane hasn't impacted Florida in over nine years making southern Florida long overdue.

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