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Sansei Sushi Maui

The best place to get sushi on the valley island is at Sansei Sushi Maui.  There are two locations, one in Kapalua located in west Maui and the other in Kihei located in south Maui.

Reservations are a must and sometimes have to be made months in advance in order enjoy this fabulous Maui restaurant. Hint ! - Get in line before they open at 5:30. There are two lines, one for walk ups and one for reservations. Make sure you are in the correct line. Sansei offers a 25% discount on all orders placed between 5:30 and 6:00pm. Get there early and take advantage of the savings.  Hours are Sunday thru Wednesday 5:30pm to 10pm and Thursday and Friday - 5:30pm to 1am.  Sometimes they even open 15-20 minutes early.

Sansei Sushi Maui Entrees

Sansei Panko Crusted Ahi. - Sashimi grade Hawaiian ahi, arugula and spinach wrapped into a sushi roll, panko-crusted, flash-fried and served with Sansei’s mild soy wasabi butter sauce.

This is absolutely my favorite Maui sushi dish.  We liked it so much we ordered two during our last visit.

Sansei panko crusted ahi in a soy wasabi butter saucePanko Crusted Ahi

Butterfish - Tender butterfish (also known as Black Cod) marinated and seared in sake and sweet miso, with a few pieces missing....I just couldn't wait before taking the picture.  This fish is extremely mild, tender and melts in your mouth, just like butter !  This is also one of my favorite Maui sushi entrees.

Three perfectly prepared pieces of Sansei butterfish in a sake and sweet miso sauceButterfish

Super Red Dragon Roll - Tuna sashimi on top of a spicy tuna roll dotted with jalapeno aioli, habanero tobiko and served with sriracha and unagi glaze.  This is Maui sushi at it's best.

Sansei super dragon roll with a sriracha and unagi glazeSuper Red Dragon Roll

Crunchy Island Spicy Roll - Spicy tuna, spicy crab with cucumber and avocado, dusted with tempura crunches and served with sweet thai chili sauce and sriracha.

Spicy tuna and crab with cucumber and avocado, dusted with tempura crunches and served with sweet thai chili sauce and srirachaCrunchy Island Spicy Roll

Rainbow Poke - Seared Hawaiian tuna, salmon and cajun seared white tuna with sweet Maui onions in a spicy poke sauce.  Another one of my Maui sushi favorites that we ordered twice in the same seating.

Sansei rainbow poke with tuna, maui sweet onions, avocado in a sweet poke sauceRainbow Poke

Crunchy Butterfish Tempura Roll with unagi glaze, sriracha and sweet thai chili sauce.

Sansei crunchy butter fish tempura rollCrunchy Butterfish Tempura Roll

Shrimp Dynamite - Crispy tempura shrimp tossed with creamy garlic masago aioli and drizzled with an unagi glaze.

Sansei shrimp dynamite combines crunchy shrimp tempura with garlic masago aioli and a unagi glazeShrimp Dynamite

Sansei Sushi Maui has very high quality fish at very reasonable prices.  Our group of three, each enjoyed a cocktail and about 10 sushi rolls and fish plates.  The total bill, including an automatically added 17% gratuity, was under $200

Sansei Sushi Website

If you like sushi, this is the best of all the Maui restaurants !