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Westin Maui Timeshare

Staying at a Westin Maui timeshare, either by renting or buying, is a great way to spend your vacation with your family.  Amenities include separate living areas and bedroom(s), full granite top kitchen with all major appliances, dishes, pots and pans, full size refrigerator, washer and dryer and a balcony with stunning views.

The Westin Maui timeshare is in a resort setting with several large pool areas, onsite restaurants, both formal and casual, outdoor barbeques, hot tubs, onsite spa and gym.

Below are some photos from the Westin Maui Ocean Resort Villas located in Kaanapali Maui.

The pool area at the Westin Ocean Resort Villas SouthWestin Ocean Resort Villas South
Large living room in the one bedroom lockoff unitLarge Living Room
Fully functional large kitchenKitchen and Bar Area
Large master bath and jacuzzi tubMaster Bath
Master bedroom with Westin's Heavenly BedMaster Bedroom
Balcony and ocean viewOcean view from balcony
Another beautiful ocean view from the balconyView right on the ocean
The Heavenly BedWestin's Heavenly Bed
Koi pond looking out over the pool area and oceanKoi Pond

What is a Timeshare ?

A timeshare is a portion of a property that you own, either forever or for a specified amount of time. Usually the ownership portion is one week out of a year. Similarly, the same property is offered for sale to others until all 52 weeks are sold. Most timeshares are deeded properties which means that they can be included in Wills and Trusts and passed from generation to generation. Similar to a home or condo, timeshares can be financed for 15 to 30 years although the interest rate is generally higher than for a home. There are also yearly maintenance fees and property taxes. Depending on the type of unit and location, maintenance fees can run from $500 to $2500 per year. Property taxes are usually very small since the timeshare property tax is split between 51 other buyers. While the cost of a high end timeshares such as Westin and Marriott can range from $10,000 to $60,000 they also rent for between $300 and $800 per night depending on configuration, (studio, one bedroom villa or both). Seven days at $800 per night adds up fast making owning one even more attractive.

What are the Best Timeshares in Maui?

While there are several timeshares in Maui to choose from, from my firsthand experience, the best two are Westin and Marriott with the Westin Maui timeshare being my absolute favorite.  As an added bonus, in 2019, Westin and Marriott merged, giving access to an even larger selection of world wide properties.

View of the pool area from our top floor roomWestin Ocean Resort Villas South

A Westin Maui timeshare is considered one of the most elite properties in the world. Purchasing a Westin timeshare guarantees a minimum of one week in the type of unit that was purchased, anytime during the year, except for Christmas and Thanksgiving. Even the holiday weeks can be guaranteed for an extra cost.

Westin uses the point system and when you purchase, a fixed number of points are given to you each year to use as you desire. For example, if you purchase a two bedroom lock off, you get 148,100 villa (timeshare) points a year. A two bedroom lock off is a timeshare that consists of two separate units, one studio and an adjacent one bedroom villa.

Westin Maui Timeshare - 1 Bedroom Floorplan

Floor plan of the one bedroom lockoffOne Bedroom Lock Off Floor Plan

The two units are connected via an inside door that can be left open or locked. The studio has a combined sleeping and living quarters, a smaller kitchen with stove stop, refrigerator, microwave, washer, dryer, a very large bathroom with large whirlpool tub. The one bedroom villa has a full size kitchen with all amenities, dining room, living room and separate bedroom. It too has a washer, dryer and large bathroom with whirlpool tub.

The beauty of Westin's point system is that even though you are guaranteed 148,100 points per year at the resort that you purchased, they don't all have to be used at the same time, or even at the same resort, thus creating perhaps 2 or 3 weeks of vacations if you know how to make best use of the point system.

Here is how it works: At the Westin Kaanapali resort in Maui, the studio is worth 67,100 points and the one bedroom villa is worth 81,000 points per year which totals to the 148,100. Two weeks in the studio can be booked for 134,200 points and there will be almost 14,000 points left over. Or one week could be booked in the one bedroom villa and one week in the studio, each as their separate vacations. Points can be also used to travel to other Westin resorts such as the Westin Lagunamar resort in Cancun.  While availability is not guaranteed at the Cancun resort, if you watch the Westin guidelines with respect to when advance reservations can be made, and call promptly, generally there will not be a problem getting in. In Cancun, a one bedroom villa in the "off" season requires 44,000 points. That means that you could book three weeks for 132,000 points and still have over 16,000 points left over! Or a studio in Cancun's "off" season is 37,000 points and you could book 4 weeks for 148,000 points, all together or in four separate vacations!! One strategy that I use is to book at the very end of the "off" season which is essentially at the beginning of "on" season as the weather does not change much over a week or two.

View of Lanai from our balconyView of Lanai

Another Westin benefit is that unused point can be rolled over and banked to the next year.   Also, the 148,100 resort timeshare points can be traded for what Westin calls "hotel" points allowing access to the entire Starwood and Marriott collection of hotels and resorts. While Westin hotel points are not on a one for one basis as compared to villa points, they are approximately equal to a one week hotel stay, again depending on when, where and what type of room.

Try a Timeshare

There are a couple of options for timeshares, either renting or purchasing. If you have never experienced a beach vacation in a timeshare, I would highly recommend that you tryout a Westin Maui timeshare.  There are also periodic special offers to visit and attend a sales presentation. Often times these they will offer 4 to 5 night stays with a car rental included at an incredibly discounted price. You will actually stay in one of the timeshare units and the only requirement is that you attend a 90 minute sales presentation.

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