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Where to Stay in Maui

Deciding on where to stay in Maui is an important choice.  Fortunately, Maui has some of the most beautiful resorts in the world.  Most Maui resorts reside directly on beaches and have integrated large expansive pools and dining areas that provide stunning views of the ocean, other islands and the best sunsets in the world.  Kihei and Hana leave all of this behind and offer more of a small town, local atmosphere.

(1) Where to Stay in Maui - Kapalua

Kapalua is located on Maui's northwest side of the island and is famous for high-end resorts and close proximity to PGA golf courses and fine dining.

(2) Kaanapali

Editor's choice for where to stay in Maui is Kaanapali.  The weather is the best of anywhere on the island and the ocean is usually very calm because the winds typically blow offshore.  Most resorts line the beach and catch stunning views of Maui's sunsets.

If you are looking for all the amenities of home with a stunning island and ocean view, then this is the place for you.  Westin's Ocean Resort Villas North and South properties offer full kitchen, separate master bedroom plus living and dining rooms.  Add in the washer, dryer and large whirlpool bathroom, it makes this a great place for the entire family.  Suites are available in one bedroom or studio configuration or they can be combined into one large suite via the interconnecting door.

Open air dining at the Westin Ocean Resort Villas northOpen Air Dining at the Westin Ocean Resort

(3) Lahaina

The historical town of Lahaina is just minutes from Kapalua and Kaanapali yet offers more of a small town atmosphere with shopping, dining and some great lunch spots overlooking the ocean.

(4) Kihei

Kihei is located on the drier western side and sits between Maui's two volcanos making this a windier spot as compared to other towns in Maui.  But Kihei leaves and really high-end resorts and hotels behind and offers more of a local beach town feel.

(5) Wailea

Fancy with island charm is the best way to describe Wailea.  Sort of off the main path, Wailea offers high-end resorts, great food and shopping and is adjacent to some of the best golfing on the island.

(6) Hana

Contrary to all of the other Maui towns, Hana has an entirely different look and feel.  Located at the end of the famous "Road to Hana", this small town sits in the middle of a rain forest.  It is a long drive in and out from the airport but you will feel as though you are in your own slice of heaven.

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