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How I Created this Website

Four years ago, I created this website using SBI, Solo Built It, and I have been so happy that I did.  From it I generate a steady monthly income.....all from writing about something that my wife and I love to do, travel !

SBI is a one stop tool set that provides you with a full suite of video tutorials that take you through the entire web site creation, , traffic building, monetization process and performance monitoring.  In addition SBI provides web page publishing tools, a friendly and helpful forum community and excellent support.  Watch the SBI introductory video here

No need to know HTML or a programming language, but for those that do, SBI interfaces nicely.

This is not a get-rich quick program.  It is also not something that you set up, sit back and watch the money roll in.  So if that it what you want, SBI is not for you.

Solo Build It!

You will need to invest time, a lot of time, to understand the process and the tools.  You must also have the patience to follow the videos and understand each step before proceeding to the next.  You won't have a useful and rewarding website until all of this is completed and fully understood in the order presented.  However, Solo Build It will take you through this, step by step, at your own pace.

Over the months, and years, traffic continued to build and I continued to add content, revise content and make continuous changes removing those things that didn't work and learning from those things that did.

Cents turned to dollars and a few visitors turned to hundreds and then thousands.  All of this adds up quickly and all without selling or shipping a single product.  But, if you have a product to sell, even a better reason to use Solo Build It.