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Grand Wailea Webcam

Live view from Maui's Grand Wailea Webcam looking over several pools and the beach.

This is a high quality HD live streaming webcam.  There are options to select full screen, take a snap shot and see the current weather conditions.

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About the Grand Wailea

The Grand Wailea, A Waldorf Astoria Resort, is a luxurious and iconic hotel located in Wailea, Maui, Hawaii. It's renowned for its stunning oceanfront location, opulent amenities, and extensive array of activities and facilities. Here's an overview of what the Grand Wailea has to offer:

  • Location: The resort is situated on 40 acres of beautifully landscaped grounds overlooking the Pacific Ocean. It's in the upscale area of Wailea, known for its pristine beaches, world-class golf courses, and upscale shopping and dining options.
  • Accommodations: The Grand Wailea offers a variety of luxurious accommodations, including guest rooms, suites, and villas. Many of these accommodations offer ocean views and are designed to provide maximum comfort and relaxation.
  • Pools and Water Features: One of the resort's most famous features is its expansive water complex, which includes nine pools, a lazy river, waterfalls, and slides. The Wailea Canyon Activity Pool, often referred to as the "Waterpark of the Pacific," is a highlight for both adults and children.
  • Spa: The Spa Grande at the Grand Wailea is a world-class spa offering a range of treatments and therapies inspired by Hawaiian healing traditions. The spa features hydrotherapy pools, steam rooms, saunas, and relaxation lounges.
  • Dining: The resort offers several dining options, from casual to fine dining. Many of the restaurants focus on using fresh, local ingredients to create delectable dishes. The Humuhumunukunukuapua'a is a famous on-site restaurant (yes, that is the real name) situated over a saltwater lagoon, offering a unique dining experience.
  • Activities: The Grand Wailea provides a wide range of activities and amenities for guests. These include golf, tennis, water sports, fitness classes, and cultural experiences that allow guests to immerse themselves in Hawaiian traditions.
  • Weddings and Events: The resort is a popular destination for weddings and other special events due to its breathtaking oceanfront settings and luxurious amenities.
  • Art and Design: The Grand Wailea is known for its impressive art collection, featuring both traditional and contemporary Hawaiian artwork throughout the property.
  • Luxury Shopping: The resort offers a selection of high-end boutiques and shops where guests can find designer clothing, jewelry, and other luxury items.
  • Waldorf Astoria: As part of the Waldorf Astoria brand, the Grand Wailea emphasizes elegance, sophistication, and personalized service.

Vacation at the Grand Wailea

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