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Maui Ocean Center Webcam

Check out the Maui Ocean Center webcam with live view of the aquariums and facility.

There is also a outside webcam that can be selected with views of the harbor and ocean looking south towards Kihei.


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About the Maui Ocean Center

The Maui Ocean Center is a tantalizing treat for marine enthusiasts and curious tourists alike. This public aquarium and oceanography center represents a magnificent blend of education, entertainment, and conservation, providing an extraordinary experience to everyone who walks through its doors.

The Ocean Center stands as an awe-inspiring homage to the rich tapestry of marine life native to the Hawaiian Islands. From mesmerizing displays of living corals, vibrant tropical fish, to the heart-pounding sight of sharks, every exhibit, each more captivating than the last, showcases the astounding diversity of life beneath the surface.

Among these fascinating marine dwellers are species uniquely endemic to Hawaii, offering visitors a glimpse of flora and fauna they may not encounter elsewhere in the world. An immense variety of vibrant reef fish, such as the Hawaiian cleaner wrasse and butterfly fish, most certainly enchants visitors with their radiant hues and curious demeanors.

This is not just an aquarium about showcasing fish. Its exhibits also include sea turtles, rays, and even sea horses, thus offering onlookers a comprehensive insight into the marine habitat of the Pacific.

Among the array of impressive exhibits, one of the most popular one is the awe-inspiring Whale Exhibit. This exhibit brings visitors up close and personal with one of the world's most revered marine giants - the humpback whale.  "Realm of the Humpback Whale" is a virtual exhibit, inviting visitors on an immersive expedition through the dynamic mating and migration routes of these colossal creatures. Everyone can learn about the fascinating underwater communication, migration, and propagation habits of the humpbacks.  The Whale Exhibit pulls visitors into an enchanting world with an enormous life-size replica of a humpback whale, vivid portrayals tracing the life cycle of these behemoths, and an interactive touch screen exhibiting their festive mating rituals and haunting yet beautiful songs.

The center's dedicated team of marine biologists, educators, and divers provide daily presentations and behind-the-scenes tours that offer personalized learning experiences about these magnificent seafarers and their fascinating life stories.

This natural haven is conveniently located at 192 Ma'alaea Road, Wailuku, right in between two of Maui's most popular visitor destinations – Lahaina and Kahului.

For those exploring Maui during a relaxing beach vacation, a visit adds another layer of thrill and appreciation for the island's natural splendors.

Take a live look at the aquarium with the Maui Ocean Center webcam.  You get a front row seat, with no charge for admission !

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