California Webcams

San Diego

Known as America's finest city with the best weather in the world, San Diego is a popular tourist destination for both long term visits and weekend getaways.  San Diego has two beautiful bays and miles nice beaches.  Below are some of the best, high quality live streaming webcams.


Catalina island is a small uncrowded community located just 25 miles from one of America's largest cities, Los Angeles California.  Catalina is a popular weekend and day trip destination.

Laguna Beach

Laguna beach is perched on the cliffs above the Pacific ocean and is divided from the highly populated areas of Southern California by undeveloped rolling hills in such a way that you would never know millions of other people live so close by.  This is a great place to catch a beautiful California sunset over the Pacific ocean.


Malibu is located just northwest of Los Angeles and is know for its great surfing.  Check out the surfers from our live webcam.

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