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Corazon Cabo Resort and Spa Webcam

Live from the Corazon Cabo Resort and Spa    There are three live, full screen, high definition, streaming webcams with views from the rooftop, pool and beach club.


About the Corazon Cabo Resort and Spa

Tucked away in the breathtaking landscape of Cabo San Lucas is an urban oasis, none other than Corazon Cabo Resort and Spa. This haven lies cradled between vivid turquoise waterways and sweeping vistas of sandy beaches, an idyllic backdrop for those seeking respite from their routine lives. This hidden gem exhibits the quintessence of a rejuvenating vacation, painting a picture of tranquility tailormade for the capricious heart.

Corazon Cabo Resort and Spa outshines its locality with a plethora of world-class amenities. The resort is all inclusive, catering to your every need from the moment of arrival to departure. You wouldn’t have to venture afar from the resort to experience the richness of Cabo San Lucas. It doesn’t stop there; you’d be astounded by the vast array of choices that spans right from gourmet dining, classic cocktail lounges, enticing saunas, and wellness spas.

The tastefully decorated rooms exude luxury, coupled with comfort, right at your fingertips. Every room is equipped with modern amenities, ensuring your stay is cherished and worthwhile. Not to mention the unbounded views of the deep blue waters and the pristine beaches, just a glance away.

Speaking of private beaches, Corazon Cabo Resort and Spa has direct access to the seaward edge, secluded just for the guests all year round. Experience elation under the gentle sun, keeping your footprints on the soft sandy beaches. It's one spot that calls for some quiet relaxation time while plunging into crystal-clear blue waters.

In addition to immersing in natural wonder, there’s so much more to explore amidst the resort. For those adventurous in spirit, recreational options range from outdoor yoga sessions, salsa dance classes to cooking workshops. This assures that there’s something exciting in store for everyone.

The resort's Spa, a retreat within a retreat, is specially fashioned for guests to unwind and rejuvenate. It provides an array of wellness services right from soothing massages, invigorating body treatments, steam rooms, and Jacuzzis; everything working in harmony to radiate positive energy and deliver a comprehensive, revitalizing experience.

Now, a vacation at Corazon Cabo Resort and Spa wouldn’t be complete without indulging in its tantalizing culinary offerings. Multiple dining options display a tour de force of gastronomy, coupling international cuisines with local organic produce. Enjoy the multifaceted delights of the gourmet restaurant or huddle around for a beachfront barbeque dinner, while sipping on signature cocktails under the shimmering moonlight.

Accessibility is a pronounced trait for the beloved Corazon Cabo Resort and Spa. Located at a short distance from the happening spots, you can get the best of both worlds. Delve into unique shopping experiences, interact with the locals and enjoy the vibrant art and music scene that defines the heart of Cabo San Lucas.

Corazon Cabo Resort and Spa is more than just a destination for tranquility and relaxation. It’s an immersion into a culture rich with history and natural beauty, offering exceptional personalized services and experiences that are fine-tuned towards creating everlasting memories. From the breathtaking views, luxurious amenities, private beaches to the mouthwatering dishes, every moment here encapsulates the epitome of relaxing vacations and beautiful beaches.

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