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Hacienda Encantada Webcam

Live high definition view from the Hacienda Encantada Webcam.  The resort is location directly on a rocky point right on the  Pacific ocean.  View is a close up view of the pool, bar and lounge chair area with the rugged ocean coastline in the background.  This is a great camera to watch a beautiful Cabo San Lucas sunset.


About the Hacienda Encantada

Welcome to the magic of Hacienda Encantada, a world-class resort nestled on the southeastern coast of the Baja Peninsula in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico. Renowned for its contemporary Mexican architecture, this prestigious venue beautifully blends the richness of Mexican tradition with the breathtaking natural beauty of the surrounding landscape. This paradise resort is an oasis for those seeking a serene and indulgent escape, making it an ideal choice for relaxing vacations.

The prime location of Hacienda Encantada grants access to some of the most dazzling beaches of Cabo. Stimulate your senses with dawn walks along the coastline, taking in the picturesque horizon views offered by the resort. Feel the warm sand between your toes as the waves of the crystal clear Pacific Ocean gently lap against the shoreline. The fabulous Sea of Cortez is a spectacle in its own right, boasting beautiful beaches that are nothing short of idyllic.

Accommodations at Hacienda Encantada are one-of-a-kind. They range from luxury suites and villas to private residences, presenting uninterrupted and scenic views of the ocean. These spacious dwellings offer guests a sense of serenity and freedom, an atmosphere that transforms even a short stay into a truly restful getaway.

Subtly woven into the luxurious accommodations are amenities provided with the utmost consideration for the guest's comfort. These include interactive television, high-speed internet access, and inviting personal spaces with sumptuous beds draped in fine linens. An in-room soak tub and private balcony or terrace completes the setting for a refined living experience.

Another aspect that sets Hacienda Encantada apart is its all-inclusive dining option, a hallmark of the best resorts in Cabo San Lucas. This concept ensures you experience the culinary delights of multiple restaurants and bars within the resort. Each establishment guarantees unique mouthwatering dishes, a testament to Mexico's rich culinary heritage.

Embarking on an all-inclusive Cabo San Lucas journey at Hacienda Encantada brings a plethora of dining destinations. From La Trajinera with its gourmet Mexican cuisine, to the international buffet offered at the Las Marias restaurant, every guest can satiate their palate. The highlight, however, might be the Barolo Cucina Italiana, which serves an amazing mixture of Italian and Mexican dishes.

Hacienda Encantada is not only about relaxation and food, but it also prompts guests to delve into invigorating activities. You can blissfully laze by one of several pools dotting the sprawling property, get motivated for a morning round of golf or rejuvenate with a spa day at the wellness center.

Within a stone's throw away from Hacienda Encantada, explore the vibrant downtown of Cabo San Lucas. This thrilling adventure offers sunny seaside strolls, luxury shopping, and thrilling water sports. All these make Hacienda Encantada an ideal choice for an adventurous and yet rejuvenating vacation.

In a nutshell, Hacienda Encantada sets a high standard when it comes to offering an unmatchable vacation experience. From its beautiful beaches and tantalizing dining options to the well-appointed accommodations fused with all-inclusive amenities, it assures an exhilarating journey. Escape to Hacienda Encantada for a soothing, adventurous, and memorable getaway like no other in Cabo San Lucas.

Take a peek of the resort and watch live from the Hacienda Encantada webcam.

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