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Key West Weather Averages
Plus 7 Day Forecast and Current Conditions

Use our Key West weather averages by month for temperature, rainfall and ocean water temperature to find the perfect time to visit. 

Also, check out the current weather, 7 day forecast and learn about the major hurricanes that have impacted Key West.

Current Conditions and Forecast


Key West Weather Averages

With a few exceptions in the winter, when cold air pushes down the east coast, the Key West weather is generally warm all year.  Influenced by the warm waters of the northern Caribbean, Key West average high temperatures are in the mid to high 80s in the summer and mid to high 70s in the winter.  Key West weather is very similar to that of Miami but just a few degrees warmer.

Key West Weather Averages by Month
Air Temperature

Between late May and early October, the weather is extremely humid and rainfall plentiful.  This is also hurricane season and due to the location of Key West, strong storms often pass nearby.

The most pleasant time to visit Key West is in late October through April.  Days are in the high 70s to low 80s and nights pleasant in the 60s and 70s.  May can be hit and miss with rain and humidity.

Key West average temperature by monthAverage High and Low Temperatures

Key West Weather Averages by Month

The rainy season coincides with hurricane season. The summer months are very humid with much more rain than in the winter months. However, there are many summer days that have great weather. Hint! - If you don't like really hot and humid, go to Key West in January, February or early March.

Average Key West rainfall by monthAverage Rainfall

Key West Weather Averages by Month
Ocean Temperature

Key West is located adjacent to the northern Caribbean where water is generally warm all year.  Ocean temperatures rarely drop below 70 degrees and the water is crystal clear making water sports such as paddle boarding, diving, snorkeling and fishing very popular.

Average Key West monthly ocean temperaturesAverage Water Temperature

Key West Hurricanes

Hurricane seasons runs from June through December with the most activity usually occurring in September and October.

If you have ever been to Key West and seen for yourself how flat the area is, just barely above sea level, you would wonder how anything ever survives any type of major storm.  Even nice weather with high tides during a full moon will bring water up from the storm drains and flood some of the downtown streets.

Knowing this information, it is hard to imagine the impact of the category 4 "Key West hurricane" that made a direct hit on September 10, 1919 and killed more than 600 people.

The most recent devastating Hurricane was category 4 Irma, in September of 2017.  Winds of up to 160 mph killed 17 people in Key West.

  • Category 3 Wilma hit Key West in October of 2005.  Once a category 5 over the Yucatan peninsula and Cancun, it still packed wind gust up to 120 mph.
  • In 1998, George passed over the Florida Keys as a category 2, while heading towards Louisiana.  While the winds were strong, the real damage was done by the 8 foot storm surge that followed on the back end of the passing.
  • Hurricane Andrew in August 1992 was a category 5 and was not a direct hit on Key West but still brought winds over 110 mph to Key Largo.

There is a great NOAA website that has details about the top 15 hurricanes that have impacted the Florida Keys.  There is a dedicated page for each hurricane that includes origin, path and category tracking, along with satellite images plus a detailed narrative.

The 15 Worst Hurricanes in Key West Florida History