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Lake Chapala Webcam

Live Lake Chapala webcam from Ajijic in central Mexico with views of the mountains and lake.

Ajijic Mexico is located on the northern shore of Lake Chapala.  This is a high resolution webcam with images updated every 60 seconds.  However, it also has a playback time lapse feature that allows you to view videos of the last week and the current day. 

This site also features a very detailed weather page and shows temperature, rainfall stats and averages, all from a live weather station in Ajijic.

About Lake Chapala

To truly understand the allure of Lake Chapala, one must delve into its rich tapestry of history and culture. Believed to be one of the oldest inhabited areas in Mexico, the shores and surrounding towns have been home to indigenous communities for thousands of years. From the pre-Columbian civilizations that thrived along its banks to the Spanish conquistadors who first explored its waters, this area has borne witness to centuries of human civilization and cultural exchange.

From Fishing Village to Expat Haven: The Evolution of Lake Chapala.  In the early 20th century, this area underwent a transformation with the arrival of American and Canadian expatriates seeking refuge from the harsh winters of the north. Drawn by the region's mild climate, stunning scenery, and affordable cost of living, these pioneers laid the foundation for the vibrant expat community that thrives in Lake Chapala to this day. Today, the town boasts a diverse population of locals and expatriates alike, creating a unique blend of cultures and traditions that adds to its charm and appeal.

For those who call Lake Chapala home, everyday life is a testament to the town's laid-back charm and natural beauty. Whether it's exploring the cobblestone streets of the historic town center, savoring fresh seafood at one of the lakeside restaurants, or simply soaking in the breathtaking views from the comfort of home, residents of Lake Chapala enjoy a lifestyle that celebrates leisure, relaxation, and community.

As with any destination, safety is a valid concern for those considering a move here. However, the town boasts a reputation as one of Mexico's safest communities, thanks to its strong sense of community and low crime rates. With a thriving expat population and a welcoming atmosphere, Lake Chapala offers a secure and comfortable environment where residents can enjoy peace of mind as they embrace the joys of lakeside living.

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